The NSS-Summit should not only speak over

dirty bombs

but also over the

dirty 9/11-lie

and brain-washing with this lie during 12 years.

9/11 was a dirty insider-job!

No doubt! An US-group imitated an Arabian-group and blamed Arabians for it. So Bush created his excuse for the Iraq-War. The WTC-videos give more than enough evidence of the US-crime. The worldleaders should show courage and force Obama to confess in the name of Bush the 9/11-mega-crime, in order to prevent repetition (perhaps repetition with a dirty bomb?).  The 9/11-trick-aggression is poisoning the world more than Poetin’s aggression on the Krim.

IQ-Party has placed the US-9/11-crime on Nr. 6 on a list ‘7 Mega-Crimes of the power-system’.